A Perfect SaaS (Software as a Service) portal developed using PHP Laravel MVC approach allowing companies to create their company accounts online and manage all the credentials of their practitioners online on secure portal. The major features included:

* Stripe based Subscriptions
* Different portal sections for different user types i.e. ( Admin Panel to manage everything related to the company, Practitioner Portal for managing their profile and upload their credentials, Clients portal to access the shared practitioners profiles only by the company )
* Secure Credential hosting allowing access to the documents via a valid oAuth based url expiring within 10 minutes of generation
* DocuSign integration allowing practitioners to esign their credentials
*Manage Email templates for each company via WYSIWYG editor
* Credentials Expiration notifications
* Admins being able to manage the types of notifications to send to their practitioners
* Server management

CATEGORY: React.JS Web/React Native App
TAGS: ReactJS, React Native, AWS, SES, Amazon S3 Storage, Laravel, REST API

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